Ride with Passion

We are a cycling company. And Ride with passion is both a program and a philosophy. Namely to pedal with passion, heart, brain and a broad horizon.

There is the Tirol KTM Cycling Team, young, hungry and successful and founded in 2007 with the aim of promoting the best possible cycling talent on their desired path to becoming professional cyclists. It is now well established among the world’s best U23 teams as a cadre forge and well-sprung springboard.

Then Gravel Innsbruck, a cult event with which we recognized and implemented the now great gravel boom back in 2014. Gravel Innsbruck is not a race, but a get-together for all bike lovers on the most beautiful little trails around Innsbruck.

A shop should not be missing with all this, with a fine menu of many delicacies that make cycling so worth living. Online and on site, at the Ride with passion HUB at Innsbruck’s main freight station, in the center of the city.

We recently started running our own RIDE WITH PASSION PODCAST. The world and life from the perspective of a roadbike handlebar. And beyond. People. Storoes. Passions. And music. Because every guest brings us his/her three favorite titles. Have a listen. We appreciate.

And finally the subject of bikes in its broad context, for which we want to be a strong community and opinion-forming platform.

In 2019, Ride with passion GmbH was founded. From now on this company will take care of all these meaningful tasks. Gerhard Kapeller and Thomas Pupp are managing partners.

Thomas Pupp is the founder and manager of the Tirol KTM Cycling Team and he was one of the main initiators of the 2018 World Cycling Championships in Innsbruck / Tirol. As a communications entrepreneur, he developed concepts, slogans and advertising strategies for over 20 years. From 2012 to 2018 he was involved in politics, briefly as regional councilor for sport, environment and housing and then as a member of the Tyrolean state parliament.

Gerhard Kapeller practically grew up with the racing bike. Was a talented young driver before he took over his father’s transport company at a very young age and ran it successfully and very innovatively for over 30 years. He has been a partner of the Tirol KTM team from the very beginning and is now fully dedicated to building up the young joint cycling company.